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Associated Computer Solutions
Sharon, CT 06069
Tel. (860-364-2233
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Local, Professional, Computer Support For
Business & Home
Local, Professional, Computer Support For Business & Home
36 New Street
Sharon, CT 06069
Tel. (860) 364-2233
Associated Computer Solutions
Below are some of the services that are currently offered by ACS. The descriptions are not detailed as all services are tailored to an individual business or home user's requirements. Please contact us with any requirements or services listed or not listed and we will provide a solution tailored to your needs.
Website Design
ACS offers consulting services to both business and home users. Consulting includes hardware and software recommendations as well as any computer or networking requirements. The following are samples of the type of consulting services available:
Networking Services - Solutions for DSL, Cable, Satellite, and Wireless services.
Desktop, Laptop, Printer & Servers - Hardware and software recommendations.
Software - Operating System, Office software, Virus protection software,  and any other software requirements and upgrades.
Website Design - Recommendations for website design, hosting, and implementation. Email services are also part of this support
Contact us today to request information on other consulting your business or home may need!
We offer complete computer repair services, including repair of all hardware and software issues. These include but are not limited to virus and malware removal, operating system corruption or reloads, hardware replacement or repair and any repairs required on your Microsoft based PC laptop, desktop, server, or printer.
Networking can be a complicated issue. Choosing the right carrier or type of service can make a difference in the ability of your business or home to access the internet and use the applications you need. Setting up your business or home network can involve multiple networking componets and making all of your PCs and printers function in that environment is one of our specialties. We will help you make the decisions on what carrier, type of service, and the hardware requirements needed to build your business or home network We will install the hardware and configure all of your devices to operate on the network.
Maintenance or Preventive Maintenance is a critical part of keeping your computer or server updated and tuned to running at its peak performance.
Maintenance on software includes insuring all updates have been applied, removing temporary files, removing unnecessary programs and files, optimizing the disk drive, cleaning the system registry and other normal maintenance to the machine. Software maintenance is necessary to keep the computer running efficiently. Not performing preventive maintenance will cause a computer to run slower over time and increase the potential for failures.
Cleaning the interior and exterior of the case prevents dust and dirt build-up which blocks proper airflow to the computer components. Heat is a major factor in early hardware failure. Vacuuming and cleaning fans, heat shields and air ports helps prevent early failures.
Performing a yearly maintenance will keep your hardware and software running smoothly and may identify impending failures.
ACS will help you through the many steps of design, creation, implementation, hosting for your website design. We will work with you one on one through each step to ensure your website is designed to your specifications. We realize the importance of having a website that expresses your business proposition.
Upgrades are sometimes needed to keep your computer running smoothly. It may be a simple memory upgrade to a hard drive clone, ACS can perform almost any upgrade needed.