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Associated Computer Solutions
Sharon, CT 06069
Tel. (860-364-2233
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Local, Professional, Computer Support For
Business & Home
Associated Computer Solutions is a full service computer support company, providing computer services for business and home users. Our primary focus is to provide small businesses in the northwest corner of Connecticut and bordering New York and Massachusetts towns with local, professional computer support. The towns include: Sharon, Lakeville, Salisbury, Norfolk, Kent, Cornwall, Canaan, Amenia, Wassaic, Millerton, and Sheffield and other surrounding towns. Our services include; computer repair, consulting, website design and hosting, installations, networking including DSL and cable modem support, and maintenance. We also offer home users affordable computer support services including all PC repair. Call us today to get immediate support or to schedule an appointment to discuss your business or home needs.

Below are a few of the services offered. For information about other services and a more detailed description of the services below, click on the Services tab above.
Computer Repair
One of the primary services offered by ACS is repair and maintenance. Repair services include virus and malware removal, hardware and software support, tuneups and upgrades. Repairs are done onsite at your business or home or at our office. You may drop off your computer or ACS will pick up and return your computer or printer. Repairs are generally completed within one to two business days. Support services are also available on weekends and holidays.

Yearly maintenance contracts are available.

Call us today to set up and appointment to have your computer repaired by a local, professional technician.
Custom Built Computers
We offer custom built computer systems. These systems are in the same price ranges as Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo or any of the other manufacturers. The difference is the quality, specifications and durability. The components are hand picked and generally are of a much higher quality than what the common manufacturers use. While the specs can be similar like the processor type or memory quantity, there is a major difference in the component quality and speed. We use the highest quality components to custom build our computers. Let us build one for you and you will see and feel a major difference in speed and quality!
Consulting Services
Associated Computer Solutions provides consulting services for business and home users. In these rapidly changing times it is hard to keep up with technology and envision what requirements are needed now and going forward. ACS will work with you to find the best solution to meet your requirements and help guide you with the difficult decisions for hardware and software solutions. We provide options for website design, hosting, email, networking, hardware and software.
Local, Professional, Computer Support For Business & Home
36 New Street
Sharon, CT 06069
Tel. (860) 364-2233
Associated Computer Solutions